Saturday, 30 July 2011

Snow White ! :D

[ ] One of your parents is dead

[ ] You are expected to do a lot of chores

[x] You love to dress up

[x] You love animals

[ ] You are waiting patiently for your Prince Charming

[ ] Your mom is really strict

[ ] You have sisters who seem kind of jealous of you

[ ] You’re afraid to speak your mind sometimes

[ ] You have left your shoes at a friend’s house before

[ ] You have blonde hair



[ ] You’ve kissed someone your friends didn’t like

[ ] You’ve been lost in the forest

[x] You love to read

[x] You are not shy at all, and not afraid to speak your mind

[ ] One of your family members is a bit weird

[ ] You have done volunteer work

[x] You have a wild imagination

[x] You love to take care of people in need

[ ] You’ve had guys like you only because they think you’re pretty

[x] You’ve rejected at least one person when they’ve asked you out



[ ] Your dad is very rich/important

[ ] You are very clever

[x] You’ve been with someone way different from you

[x] You’re unique and different from everyone else

[x] You’d never marry someone just because they were rich

[x] You have set a lot of goals for yourself

[ ] You don’t have a lot of friends

[x] You’re independent

[ ] You are wealthy

[ ] Your parents try to control your life



[ ] Your parents expect a lot from you

[ ] You really try to follow the rules, but it’s hard for you

[x] You’re a bit of a trouble maker

[x] You’re the youngest in your family or in the last 2

[ ] You have a lot of sisters

[ ] You collect something

[x] You have/had long, hair

[ ] You have/had a pet fish

[ ] You’re extremely curious

[ ] You believe everything people tell you/you’re a bit gullible


Snow White:

[x] You know that you’re beautiful

[ ] Sometimes it seems like your mom is jealous of you

[x] You’ve almost been killed

[x] You have at least seven good friends

[ ] You’ve had food poisoning

[x] You have/had short hair

[x] You get along with almost everyone

[x] All of your friends are different

[x] You love to have a good time

[x] You’re happier when you’re out of the house than in



[x] You can be a tomboy sometimes.

[ ] People wish you could be a bit more girly

[x] You’ve pretended to be someone you’re not

[x] You’ve had a physical fight with someone

[ ] You have/had considered running away from home

[ ] Your parents try to plan your life out

[ ] A lot of your friends are boys

[ ] You often find yourself in bad situations

[ ] You feel like the world’s against you.

[ ] Your principles are more important to you than anything else.



[ ] You live/have lived with someone other than your parents

[x] You almost died at a very young age

[x] You are gentle, loving, and/or thoughtful

[x] You have a decent singing voice

[x] You like to sleep in late on the weekends

[ ] You spend most of your time outside

[ ] You’re adopted

[x] You’re very romantic

[ ] Pink is one of your favorite colors

[ ] You constantly sleep in.



[x] You love to walk around and explore big cities

[x] You are more spiritual than religious

[ ] You’ve been in an interracial relationship

[ ] One of your family members is dead

[ ] Your parents are very protective of you

[ ] Someone you know has been in war

[x] You love nature

[x] You have/had black hair

[x] You would love to move somewhere exotic and beautiful

[ ] You’re very adventurous



[ ] You’re an orphaned child or have an evil step-mother

[x] You have many different hobbies to keep you busy

[x] You can get really bored

[x] You have/had very long hair (at least mid-back length)

[ ] Your hair is bright Blonde

[x] You’re an artsy person

[ ] You’re childish

[x] You can’t wait to stop the same routine each day and start living. Yet the thought of leaving is scary.

[x] You care about others and their feelings

[ ] You like to follow the rules. Sometimes you cannot for your own good and then you feel conflicted and worry about how your mother will react.


Guyz, I’m really bored if I’m doing one of these things, because I’m pretty sure none of you care. Too late now! :-D

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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

High School Is Never End

"As we go on
We remember
All the times we
Had together
And as our lives change
From whatever
We will still be
Friends Forever"
Vitamin C - Graduation

Lagunya unyu ya. Iya unyu banget kaya gue.. (cuih)
Oke, sesuai judul postingan gue kali ini..
High School is never end! is never flat juga bisa sih.. ya sama aja lah ya-_-

Jadi ceritanya, di hari sabtu waktu itu. kita ber-8 ngumpul bareng di pizza hut buat yaa istilahnya kita say goodbye for awhile (cailah)
Secara Amel udah keterima di Sastra Inggris UNPAD
Daniel udah keterima di IPB, Bogor
Ila udah keterima di PNJ
TIffany udah keterima di Binus
Danty udah keterima di Tarakanita
Wina udah keterima di UNAS
Dewo masih fight buat UI atau UNPAD
Sedangkan gue? emmm.... Gue udah keterima di President University , major management.

Sebenernya gue pilu banget mau nulis itu kampus. Mengingat gue mau ngga mau harus mengubur cita cita gue selama 6 tahun buat jadi anak psikologi UI.
Cuman untung gue punya sahabat yang luar biasa seperti anak akselers dan yang lain, untuk ikhlas dan belajar menerima rizki lain dari Allah :')


Habis makan dan foto foto, kita akhir nya memutuskan buat foto studio.
Unyu gaseeeh? Unyu lah ya-__-
Berhubung gue malas ngescan satu satu, sekalian aja gue foto sama yang print-an dari amel hee._.

Sweet, eh? Iya dong. Kita kan udah manis, jadi susunya gausah manis manis #lah-_-

Thankyou so much, We Are The People 2011 :)
InsyaAllah kita bakal ketemu 5 tahun lagi dan udah sukses sesuai cita cita kita semua :)

With Love, Pinia <3